Peter H. Eichstaedt


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"A critical read for anyone looking to understand what's at stake as American forces leave Afghanistan." --Tom Peter, of the Christian Science Monitor +++ "Authentic voices of Afghanistan ... capable reporting as compelling reading, vitally important...." -- David Isby, Afghanistan, Graveyard of Empires.
"A powerful and long-over due expose of greed and violence in the battle over Africa's mineral wealth."
--Greg Campbell, author of Blood Diamonds
"Exhilarating, exhaustive, and written with a passion for a troubled land."
--Rob Crilly, author of Saving Darfur
"You must read this powerful book."
--Archbishop Desmond Tutu
The story of how America's frantic entry into the nuclear age injured and continues to impact Native Americans and their communities.

After 10 years of Americans fighting in Afghanistan, which by any measure has been a failure, a book that burrows beneath the rhetoric of war, politics, and diplomacy to reveal the path forward to a sustainable future for Afghanistan.

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